Elizabeth Murphy Burns

burnsA Duluth-Superior native, her early broadcast career was served at television stations in Tucson and San Diego and in radio ownership in southern California. In 1975, she became part of the management team at WISC-TV, the Murphy family broadcasting station in Madison. In 1980, she was named President of Morgan Murphy Stations which included WISC-TV and two radio and four television stations in Washington State and North Dakota. In the ensuing two decades, under her leadership, the Murphy media domain grew to include WISC-TV, Madison, and WKBT-TV, La Crosse, WPLV AM/FM, Platteville, WGLR AM/FM, Lancaster, and eight radio stations in Iowa and Washington State, as well as the popular monthly, Madison Magazine, a cable television channel, UPN14, in Madison and Murphy Entertainment Group, a video programming company. She was the first woman elected to the CBS Affiliates Advisory Board and also served on the TVB Board of Directors and on the National Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors.

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  1. Linda Shafer

    Hi E Its ernie and Linda Shafer What a beautiful video tribute to you Congratulations!! Love to unite with you at Gordon Know anyone on the lake with beds to rent some days in last two weeks in July??weve out grown thenig house Hope to see you

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