Haydn Evans

hevansGreen Bay broadcasting pioneer who guided the fortunes of WTAQ (later WBAY and WGEE) radio for 28 years. He put Green Bay’s first television station, WBAY-TV, on the air in 1953 and later oversaw the development of a third sister station, WBAY-FM in 1960.

Haydn Evans passed away in 1974.

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  1. Andrea Foth Bauman

    Mr. Evans and his wife, Cecil, were our neighbors on South Quincy Street, many years ago. They were our parents best friends, and their daughters were friends of ours, also. I have four vivid memories of WBAY at that time. One was watching occasional basketball teams, including the Harlem Glovetrotters (if my memory is correct). The second was watching one of the first, if not the very first, T.V. show broadcast in color. It was the live-action musical, “Cinderella.” The third was being a participant on Russ Widoe’s (“Colonel Caboose”) quiz show! The fourth was meeting the cowboy hero, Gene Autry (and I believe we met his horse, Champion, also)! I have lots of good memories of those days. I didn’t realize Mr. Evans was such a pioneer in Green Bay television history!

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