Irene Buri Nelson

nelsonIn 1991, celebrated 44 years of conducting interviews, dispensing consumer and fashion news, and highlighting community events on WLIP-AM, Kenosha. Signing on the day the stations debuted, she became known for such shows as “Around the Town”, “Kenosha Cooks”, “The Stork Club” and “Something Special”. She is the only remaining original employee of WLIP, continuing to be heard daily “Around the Town” and on Sunday mornings with “Something Special”. During her career she has won national LULU Awards in 1985 and 1987 from the Men’s Fashion Association of America for excellence in reporting male fashion news and has been honored by Badger Chapter of American Women in Radio and Television for significant broadcasting. She is a former President of the Wisconsin Chapter of American Women in Radio and Television.


  1. I am a former resident of Kenosha, and at an early age, I remember Irene as the female voice of WLIP. In 1960 I visited WLIP as part of Bradford HS Career days, interested in becoming a radio announcer. Irene Buri Nelson was our host, and made us feel very welcome to the station, and had excellent advice for us in seeking a career in radio. Thou my life path did not go in that direction, I have been involved in radio in church broadcasts (The Good Ship Sunday School aired on WLIP) and as a Christian minister with local church broadcasts. I will always remember the perky, sparkling personality of Irene Buri Nelson as she hosted us that day. It was not out of duty, but desire….you could tell. She wasn’t doing it because she had to..but rather she wanted to help interested students seeking a future in radio. Thank you Irene!!!

  2. William Metallo

    Her politeness was her tool box. The sincere interests for people & students listening to her Radio Show. The Voice of WLIP 1050 AM. Only wish the present day people could benefit from her charm and grace.

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