Karl Schmidt

Karl-SchmidtKarl F. Schmidt is the nationally known voice of Wisconsin Public Radio’s Chapter a Day and likely holds the record for longest broadcasting career in Wisconsin radio: At the time of his induction into the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame at age 90, Schmidt was still on the air and celebrating his 72nd year in radio. Throughout his career, Schmidt’s innovative programming and creative leadership influenced the development of public broadcasting locally and nationwide.

Schmidt began his broadcasting career at WHA Radio in 1941 and continued it with Armed Forces Radio during World War II. After the war as a returning student at the University of Wisconsin he was hired by Harold McCarty, a 1989 Hall of Fame inductee, to read for WHA Radio’s Chapter a Day program. He went on to do color commentary for Badger Football, create Earplay, an internationally lauded radio drama that ran from 1972 to 1980, head the National Center for Audio Experimentation, and serve on the founding board of National Public Radio and the board of National Educational Radio. He has won two Peabody awards, an Armstrong Award, and the world renowned Prix Italia.

Karl Schmidt passed away on April 21, 2016.


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    Thanks for this video. Looks like the beautiful work of Jane Bartell. . .is it?

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