Larry R. Meiller

Larry-MeillerDr. Larry R. Meiller began one of the most remarkable careers in the history of broadcasting in 1967, when he took a summer job at WHA Radio in Madison…and never left. Now, as WHA celebrates 100 years on the air, Meiller marks his 50th year of hosting live, daily programming.

Meiller earned his Ph.D. in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and served for 40 years as a much-admired professor in the UW College of Agricultural Life Sciences; in 2007 he became an emeritus professor. As a broadcaster and a teacher, Meiller mentored, inspired and served as an invaluable resource for thousands of college students in Wisconsin. He also developed student training programs in countries throughout the world that continue to set a standard of excellence in community-based radio broadcasting.

Meiller pioneered Wisconsin Public Radio’s call-in format in 1978, when he began hosting “The Larry Meiller Show,” which is now the longest-running call-in show in Wisconsin. He was instrumental in founding WPR’s Ideas Network in 1988. Meiller’s work has included a variety of daily programming, the nationally distributed “Calling All Pets,” and has earned him numerous broadcasting, teaching and community service awards.


  1. marshall swanson

    What a tribute to a dedicated human being. He is the epitome of what wended all over. He seems so well adjusted in still learning something new and good for all mankind.. I wish him well.

  2. Larry is one of the greatest Wisconsinites to walk the earth and speak the truth. I hope to someday develop a love of our state as righteous as Larry has.

  3. When I first started to listen to Public Radio, Larry Meiller’s program was one of the reasons I kept returning and became an avid fan/listener. I can truthfully say his program is my favorite.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to a MOST deserving fellow!! Like ‘Krista’ above, when my husband turned me onto WPR in 2004, Larry’s show was immediately one of my favorites and easily soared to tie my top two! Can we keep him for another 20 years or so? 🙂 Larry is simply one-of-a-kind and a HUGE inspiration to everyone around him. His positivity and easy-going laughter are infectious. His mastery of radio talk-show-host makes for a completely comfortable on-air experience. I had the great pleasure of meeting Larry in person, along with Kathleen Dunn (another listener’s delight!) at a Listener Appreciation Dinner 3 or 4 years ago. I don’t know where he gets all of his energy, but God bless him, because he is the most gregarious individual, with the most wholesome disposition I have ever met. I think it is tremendous that a human being can be so honestly interested in ideas, people and things every single day of their life, having enjoyed innumerable experiences and gained such a wealth of knowledge in one lifetime, all of which he then turns around and shares with a world-wide listening audience as comfortably and engagingly as sitting at the kitchen table with a life-long, closest friend. Larry was MADE for teaching and broadcasting, there is no doubt! Applause on your 50-year achievement, Larry, and BLESSINGS on your health, life, family and continuing years on WPR. You are an absolute TREASURE. THANK YOU for OPENLY EMBRACING all that God obviously sent you to this world to do, thereby gifting all of us! Your legacy will be cherished as much as your listeners currently cherish you!!

  5. Natty Kranz

    Since I began listening to WPR I have become a master gardener volunteer. I listen to Larry’s Show as often as I can for the great variety of topics, especially those related to the outdoors, nature, etc.
    His enthusiasm for his topics is contagious! I have bought a number of books related to topics he has introduced. Recently I attended an author’s talk about her new book. She had been on Larry’s show a few days before and said that he is just as nice in person as he sounds on the air.
    I too have a 50 year career at my workplace so I have that in common with him as well! Hopefully I will see him at Garden Expo!

  6. Larry is one of the best people you’ll ever know. He was my advisor at the University of Wisconsin and I can’t say enough nice things about it him.

  7. Rebecca

    I purposely take my lunch break at 11am to hear Larry’s voice and catch a piece of his joy and enthusiasm, in this chaotic world. A remarkable, dedicated man to many things I’m sure, and an tribute to what it means to be human. Thank you WPR and Larry – you’re both totally awesome and a Godsend to many.

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