Lee Davis

davisHis radio and television broadcast career began in 1954 at KHFM in Albuquerque, N.M. He later moved to WAMS-AM, Philadelphia as an afternoon drive time disc jockey and national Program Manager for its parent company, Rollins, Inc., and was responsible for seven stations around the country. He was later General Manager and Program Manager for the NBC Network radio stations in Chicago, WMAQ-AM/FM. He moved to Wisconsin and WCUB/WLTU, Manitowoc in 1975 as General Manager and then became the sole owner of those stations in 1988. He served on the WBA Board of Directors for 8 years and was WBA President in 1985-86. Previous to that he served as State Director of the National Radio Broadcasters Association and was a long time member of the Board of Directors of the Radio Advertising Bureau, the industry’s national sales consulting and training arm.



    WAMS radio is in Wilmington, DE not Philadelphia even though possibly you could pick up WAMS in Philadelphia.

  2. Dave Zelzer(Taylor... on the air...)

    Lee taught me so much about radio when I worked for him at WCUB in 1978. He both taught and gave me many responsibilities, helping me improve. More than just a boss, he was a good friend and I was very lucky to have him mentor me in the early years of my broadcasting adventure…

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