Ron Fruit

fruitRon Fruit first signed onto the air at WRCO Radio in Richland Center in 1972, while still a teenager. Then he worked his way up, becoming program director, station manager and, in 1994, co-owner with his wife, Beth, of WRCO AM/FM. Along the way he built the stations into one of the strongest examples of local radio in the nation.

Under his leadership, the WRCO stations became the heart of community communication for Richland Center and surrounding towns and villages. Virtually every community, school and civic event was broadcast or mentioned in on-air reports. Officials from schools, public safety, sports teams, units of government, charitable organizations and more were invited into the studio for interviews. Fruit’s dedication to keeping local radio at the forefront of community service even led him to broadcast emergency information from a nearby hilltop when the Pine River flooded Richland Center (including the radio stations) in 2007. Fruit has been named an outstanding alumnus of UW-Richland, and received awards from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and many other organizations.


  1. Debra J. Mueller

    I guess you could say it was a privilege to know Ron all through school . And yes, that laugh started way back then. He has made a big difference in Richland Center in getting information out to the public. His morning talk shows have really help so many out understanding different subjects such as health care, and many other subjects we need to understand a bit better. Thank’s Ron never stop that beautiful smile and laugh.

  2. Jan Holloway

    Keep up all the great things you do for this community. I greatly appreciate are wonderful!

  3. Marv Erdman

    Congratulations on your award and being inducted into the Hall of Fame, It was a pleasure working with Ron when he was a program director and it was nice to see him climb the ladder to ownership. It’s been a long time since I worked in Richland Center but it was one I still carry in my heart today as being the first job in radio.

    Thanks Ron and Again Congratulations

  4. Almarie Schwarting

    WRCO and Ron Friut and his staff make Richland County the special place it is…something special from Wisconsin! We are truly blessed!

  5. Darcee J Guerrero

    Ron is an amazing man who supports his community and has an outstanding memory. Thank you and congratulations on the award.

  6. Jennie Cornett

    As a teenager, I thought Ron Fruit was a celebrity. I spent many Saturday nights listening to the “Ron Fruit show.” I still think he is a celebrity. Congratulations Ron.

  7. Patsy Peters

    Will always remember your laughter; always sounded jovial.

  8. Will always remember your jovial laughter.

  9. Will Buros

    Congratulations on your retirement. You will continue to be a treasure to the community. I enjoyed working with you over the years. Welcome to the retirement club.

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