Ronald Bornstein

bornsteinA longtime Wisconsin and national public broadcasting figure, Ron Bornstein was Director of Telecommunications for the UW-Extension, managing WHA radio and television from 1967 until 1984. In 1980-81, Bornstein served as Vice President for Telecommunications for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In 1983, he became known to many as the “Savior of NPR” after serving as Acting President of National Public Radio and managing a successful business turnaround for the financially troubled network. He has been the recipient of numerous professional awards including a national Academy of Television Arts and Sciences “Emmy Award” for documentary production and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Distinguished service to Public Radio. He has been active in an array of community and industry organizations, including the boards of Public Broadcasting Service, National Public Radio, the Association of Public Radio Stations, and the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Cable Communications. Bornstein is currently the Senior Vice President for Administration and Chief Operating Officer of the UW System and sits on the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board.

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