Terry Havel

Terry-HavelAs a teacher of English, Drama and Broadcasting at small high schools first in New Salem and then Burlington, Wisconsin, he may have had the most lasting impact of any broadcast educator in Wisconsin history. During that same time he practiced as he taught, as a disk jockey and air talent at radio stations in Iowa, Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin, including WLIP, WIIL, WFNY and WJZQ, all in Kenosha, WMIR, Lake Geneva, WRJN, Racine, and WZUU, WEMP, WQFM and WLUM, all in Milwaukee. His crowning achievement was obtaining an FCC license and then building WBSD-FM, in Burlington, one of only two high school radio stations in Wisconsin. He managed WBSD from its first days in 1975 to well beyond his retirement from teaching in 2006. During his career at the small Burlington High School, his teaching and encouragement, along with his live “on-the-air” laboratory, astoundingly helped launch the successful broadcasting careers of over fifty of his students.


  1. Mike Dains is in this video.

  2. Mike (Michael) Adams

    Hello, Mr. Havel! Just wandered across this article and made the connection. Central High School, Paddock Lake, WI — around 1968. Forensics, drama … you were at WLIP at the time. Ever hear from any of the other folks of that period? I’m in Wausau now, retired from graphic arts, sold Wausau Studio of Typographic Arts a few years ago.

  3. Jim Stammers

    Hello Mr Havel. I have such fond memories of your class and that first year of WBSD going live back in the 70s. Best wishes always.

  4. Kurt Kamperschroer

    I loved Terry on late night radio, The Cutting Edge, New Rock Revolution, and Radio Chaos. I still have many tapes of songs from his shows. I learned there was another world besides commercial radio. Remember the Rock and Roll Grandmother?

  5. Rick Appleby

    Hello Terry, my name is Rick Appleby, and I am a very good friend of Stanley Wall (is). Every now and again he wonders if your still around and ; so, I looked you up and found out about you being induced into the radio Hal of Fame. Congratulations!

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