Dick Kaner

Dick Kaner dedicated his career to the Rice Lake community and the residents of northwestern Wisconsin.

Dick retired in December 2000 after spending 44 years broadcasting for WJMC. He is believed to have covered more than 1,500 local sporting events during his career, missing only one or two broadcasts during the span of his career.

He was known as “The Voice of the Rice Lake Warriors” calling play-by-play for more than 1,000 Rice Lake basketball games and more than 250 football games.

Dick built a house close enough to the radio station so he could walk there and would walk through waist-high snow to get to the station. He was described as a “human alarm clock” because of his reliability. He rarely missed an air shift and listeners depended on him. He had dedicated fans who would refer to themselves as “Kaner’s Clan.”

Dick is almost as well-known as an outdoorsman.

More than a radio announcer, Dick IS radio in Wisconsin’s Great Northwest.

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