Norb Aschom

Norb Aschom delivered news to listeners in the area of Prairie du Chien for 52 years and became known as the “Voice of Prairie du Chien.”

Norb was dedicated to his loyal listeners on WQPC/WPRE through his retirement in 2013. He’s an Iowa native and graduate of the Brown Institute of Broadcasting.

He is a trusted member of the community. During his career he covered countless local news stories and higher profile events like presidential visits, floods, and controversial local issues. Norb has a passion for news, music, and current events. He was known for his engaging interviews. He mentored many future broadcast professionals.

Norb dedicated himself to serving the community through his support for Prairie Catholic Schools and the American Cancer Society.

His peers describe Norb as a man of decency and respect. He’s praised for embodying a strong sense of rural community spirit.

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