William Allen

William Allen (1930-2007) spent more than 40 years in broadcasting and even after his passing continues to be referred to as “Mr. Marshfield.”

William started in sales at WDLB in 1958 and went on to be station manager and sales manager at WDLB, WLJY, and WOSQ. He also worked on promotions and voiced commercials.

He voice carried well beyond radio to numerous community organizations and events. He was active with the Marshfield Visitors and Convention Bureau, civic groups, city wide Palm Sunday Concert, and numerous community events. He was considered the voice of Dairyfest. Those who worked with him said he didn’t just belong to boards, he was there to work for the organizations he served.

William was an advocate for Marshfield and was instrumental in the creation and funding of the National Farm Medicine Center which has raised more than $3 million for medical research.

His peers said William was a positive person, put others first, and inspired others to do the same.

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