Bob Sherwood


  1. Michele Loerke

    Bob Sherwood was a favorite uncle of mine and I loved spending time with him and his wife at that time, Linda Sherwood, my aunt. So many wonderful stories with them from my childhood and their memories! I also knew Jim Peck as well, and thank you Jim for sharing some great stories of the career that Bob was compassionate and truly loved!

  2. Paige Sherwood

    My grandfather was a great man. My father looks just like him and my brother fallows. I only meet my grandfather once in my life but that was the best time. I wish I could talk to him one more time before.

  3. Mike Malter

    I worked for Bob in my first broadcast news job. He was very helpful to me and I have always remembered him fondly.


    What an incredibly special and remarkable guy!
    I would guess he’d have had to have a very special woman behind him…

  5. Harry Peck

    Looking at his photo brings back so many great memories that I am stunned. Bob was a very close friend of mine as well as my brother, Jim. How well I remember many bike rides, many wonderful conversions, many dinners at Jean Paul Weber’s restaurants (playing poke while drinking brandies late into the night) afterward. I recall a dinner in CA when my wife,Lynn, with much encouragement, ate her first oyster – and has loved oysters ever since; a weekend in Las Vegas; an appearance on a TV show he was hosting. Memories are washing over me like waves from Lake Michigan. I still miss him.

  6. Patrick Sherwood

    Love you Dad.

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