Howard & Rosemary Gernette


  1. Carol Golembiewski

    My mom used to watch Dialing for Dollars faithfully. So I have fond memories of the show and the Gernettes.

  2. Michael Fuller

    Fond memories of Howard and Rosemary, watching with my Grandma back in the early ’70s

  3. Tim Hagerty

    I came home for lunch during grade school every day and watched this show with my mom. I think in the beginning they made 2 local calls in Milwaukee and one out of town call. We lived in Kenosha and I was always hopeful that they would call our house. Carly Simon said it best when she sung the song “anticipation “. Never won, but never disappointed in the show. Howard and Rosemary were wonderful to watch. I had to hurry back to school so I wasn’t late.

  4. The couple pictured above moved to Milwaukee from Wausau, where he was known as Howard Gernetzke who was the weatherman at WSAU-TV from ’54 to ’67 having previously working at the AM station.

    For more information

  5. Theresa Genry

    We used to watch when we stayed with my grandparents in Fort Atkinson. One time Grandma let us watch another show and of course they called! I believe she won some type of a small prize even though she didn’t win.

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