Ted Moore


  1. Richard Moore

    R.I.P. dad. You were an amazing talent. You belong in the Packer HOF, and I will not rest until you are. We love and miss you, but we know you are in a better place. Maybe you’ll finally get to charm Vince Lombardi.

  2. Greg Bins

    Hi . . not sure how I got here to see the Ted Moore HOF video and then I saw ted with Jim Peck doing I Remember Milwaukee. . Feel at home watching this because I graduated from the Telecasting Program in 1978 with such Legendary Instructers as Ev O’Hare and Joe Bauer. I know there were a couple more but the names aren’t comi9ng back to mew. I retired after 41 years as a Producer Director at WLUK TV Fox 11 in my Hometown of Green Bay. I realize this was 20 years ago but 2 names came up in the credits. Mark Bernhardt who was a Classmate and Damir Braovac who maybe was relation to Dan Braovac. I remember coming down for some kind of reunion in 2007 because I had just had rotator cuff surgery and had time off. Enjoyed coming back. Still have my nametag and a few other momentos. Still in contact with Lyle Schulze another Classmate who started at Channel 18 or 24 don’t remember which but he told me he ewas responsible for hiring Jim Paschke to do Bucks and Brewers games. He’s VP and GM at WIS in Columbia SC. I do have the credit slides from the 2 shows I directed. I need to find those and see if I can find some more folks. I’m guessing thyere’s nobody left from when I was there but I enjoyed my 2 years there.

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