WMVS-TV – October 28, 1957

WMVS-TV, Milwaukee, became the state’s second public television station when it went on the air in 1957 and was later joined by sister station WMVT-TV. Together, the two stations comprise Milwaukee Public Television.

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  1. Lyman (Sandy) Hintz

    Wish you had a mention of John Lemeke’s “Sports-A-Rama” program which was the very first Channel 10 program that telecast film in full color. It was also a program that was one of the first to feature the sport of automobile racing, which was of high interest in Milwaukee. It was partially supported with a grant from the Miller Brewing Company that allowed cinematographer John to cover races in Milwaukee and also a few Indianapolis 500’s. I was the host of many of those programs. Not really an educational show, but it helped bring a whole new audience to Channel 10 that otherwise never tuned to the station.

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