Welcome to the Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting

The preservation of history is the responsibility of every generation, every enterprise. We learn from history -- we recreate the aura and feelings, good and bad, of our foundations , and we build our future with it. The Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting hopes to be this kind of repository for all who visit us.  Broadcasting has become a world institution in little more than a century. In Wisconsin, broadcasting is woven into the fabric of every community in the state. Its story can be told many different ways: a chronological timeline, an account of station participation in public affairs, remembrances of the many entertainments provided for children, music lovers, sports fans and more.  The Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting hopes to present those stories and more, for all to enjoy.
  • Tom Koser

    Tom Koser

    Tom Koser is an exemplary model of a local broadcaster who is dedicated to his local roots and committed to community service through broadcasting. Koser has made numerous contributions to broadcasting as an industry as a station owner and as a highly engaged member of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association where […]

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  • Chris Lytle

    Chris Lytle

    Chris Lytle’s innovative training has reached hundreds of thousands of broadcast salespeople throughout the world and his entrepreneurial spirit has its roots in Wisconsin broadcasting. He has helped radio sellers and their managers build careers and realize levels of personal success they had only dreamed of. Many people call him […]

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  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith exemplifies leadership in television broadcasting through a career of leading stations and staffs in Wisconsin and throughout the country. Smith started and grew his career in Wisconsin and continues to live in Wisconsin in his position of Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Gray Television. Smith […]

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  • Gary Timm

    Gary Timm

    Gary Timm is best known for his dedication to promoting and supporting the Emergency Alert System in Wisconsin and nationally. He embodies the commitment Wisconsin broadcasters have to serving their communities. His career in engineering, numerous consultant roles, and leadership as Broadcast Chair of the Wisconsin EAS Committee for more […]

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