Doug Erdman

Doug Erdman is an institution in Shawano and Shawano County. In his 35 years at Results Broadcasting, he’s earned a reputation for hard work, professionalism, and community service.

Doug is the host of the WTCH morning show and Breakfast Club. He’s credited with using his position in the community to build relationships and get valuable information out to his listeners. He’s earned the trust and respect of local law enforcement agencies, which he works closely with.

Doug is described by community leaders as fair, honest, and always having a pulse on what’s happening in the Shawano area. He’s always looking for opportunities to promote wonderful things happening in the community.

Over the years Doug has held numerous responsibilities at the station, including news director. He’s known as a hard worker who’s always willing to step up to help. He’s respected for his accountability and responsibility.

He’s also known for continuing to always improve his skills. He makes the effort to make himself a better host and community servant.

Outside the station, Doug is Vice President of the Shawano Police and Fire Commission and an active member of the Shawano Optimists Club. His fellow community members say the community is a better place because of him. Doug is described as an inspiration to his fellow employees and the community.

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