Kathy Keene

Kathy Keene has a personal connection with her audience in the Fox Valley that has lasted for more than three decades, making her a prime example of the power of local broadcasting.

She is best known as the host of “The Good Neighbor” for the last 37 years on WHBY-AM in Green Bay.

Keene started hosting the show in 1982 after serving as the station’s receptionist. She was identified as having a “soothing” voice and was called up to fill in when the previous host retired.

She grew up in Wisconsin and has been in the Fox Valley long enough to know the decision-makers and politicians in the listening area because she’s interacted with them on the air. Her show features everything from recipes and stain removal ideas to local performances and conversations with community leaders.

Keene has hosted many travel trips, has participated in station events, marched in local parades, and supported charitable causes in the community, most notably, the United Way.

“To know Kathy is to love Kathy with her bright clothing, large baubles, quick blue eyes, and easy smile,” said Kelly Radandt, General Manager of Woodward Radio Group. “What’s more personal than tuning into the ‘Good Neighbor Show’ each day and hearing her advice, good thought of the day, and her guests?”

“She is the warm, smiling voice that would regularly host the mayor of Appleton for a listener call-in session or a Fox Cities historian to inform you of more fascinating facts about your hometown,” said Greg Bell, retired General Manager of Woodward Radio Group. “Kathy exemplifies the best in good local radio.”

She has also been recognized for her embrace of social media and digital technology to stay connected with her audience. She won a Social and Digital Media “Best Personality” award in the 2016 WBA Awards competition.

Keene has been praised for her kindness, quick wit, and ability to make callers and guests feel comfortable.

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