Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy (1935-2015) had a long career in radio highlighted by his distinction of hosting the first live radio talk show by telephone in the nation and a reputation for vigor and success.

In 1957 Peter met a farmer in Hartford who had pulled over to help with a flat tire. After hearing Peter’s voice, the farmer asked him if he wanted to be the voice of his basement radio show and Peter accepted.

Peter started at WKTL in Sheboygan and stayed for a year before moving to Eau Claire in 1958 as program manager at WEAQ. In 1960 he took over as the host of a morning talk show named The Party Line, later referred to as The Peter Murphy show by his listeners. He hosted this show for 30 years. He interviewed people from all walks of life including numerous celebrities, politicians, athletes, astronauts, and from his local community. More than 7,000 interviews took place from Peter’s booth. He was the voice of his people.

Peter’s greatest achievement was his five minute live, in-air, radio show from a Blue Angels fighter jet in 1976. In radio history, no other broadcaster can claim this same accomplishment.

A mentee to Peter once said, “Peter expected much of himself, inspiring the rest of us to match or at least catch the daily routine of success, self-confidence, and loving enthusiasm for the job that lay ahead of him.” 




    He was a Tough Competitor
    Great Sales Person
    ]Great Talk Show host for 30 years on WEAQ

    • Leigh J. Murphy

      Thank you for your support Marty! I know he had a great respect for his fellow competitors. I was very happy to hear you speak at his memorial and it was an honor that you could be there for him and for us.

  2. Kathy Gilman Condon

    It was an honor to work for Peter as his Program Director for The Party Line show.
    He is so deserving of being named as a Distinguished member of the Wisconsin
    Broadcaster’s Association.

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