Bob Paquette’s Microphone Museum


  1. Khaleef Williams


    Hopefully you can help me to identify this microphone. I’ve searched for years and have not found any information on it. I have no idea what the brand or model is.

  2. Hello I have an old tube microphone un aluminium marked R/S on a losange. where can i send you a photo? I would like to know his history… thank’s

  3. Francisco Manuel Martinez Farto

    Good morning,
    I´’m trying to identify a pair of carbon ring and spring microphones, they’re made on brass (column and ring) and cast iron (base) in the lolumn have a plate with a bridge and maybe a “laureate” very nice. (1920’s-1940s???)
    The other One, I’m not sure, maybe a mike or maybe a Speaker, thos have a sticker ” NATALO”
    Can you please help me to identify it?
    If you give an e-mail address I can send you son pictures.

    Thanks in advance and Best Regards!

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