The Grenadiers

The Grenadiers was a long time WTMJ variety program featuring Heine and His Grenadiers. Bob Heiss was the announcer and later host from 1939 to about 1950.

A bet between Bob and the Grenadiers on the day of the opening game of baseball season in about 1948 resulted in Bob Heiss losing his mustache in front of a live studio audience.



Grenadiers-1951-Jimmy-Robertson-Article-PhotothumbGrenadiers-1951-Jimmy-Robertson-Articlethumb Grenadiers-Potzner-Mustache-Clippingthumb






Content courtesy Bob Lazar, grandson of Bob Heiss.







  1. Darrel Whiting

    Just searching for some music from this band, my Uncle Harold Stark played the trumbone for them for years, we went to the studio to see him once while visiting Milwaukee. Harold was called Droopy Stark as his eyelids drooped a bit, they lived in Wauwatosa and we lived in Little Suamico and DePere Wis. Guess there aren’t any web sites that would play their music?

  2. Arthur Schmidt

    I remember listening to that band, when I was a kid, living in central Wisconsin. I enjoyed the band, all marching band music as well. Then came Frankie Yankovic, I heard on a radio station, while visiting relatives in Milwaukee. ( a few “good ole Days )

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