WBA Hall of Famer Bob Barry ruled Milwaukee's airwaves in the '60s and '70s. He interviewed the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, James Brown, Dolly Parton, Sophia Loren, Gregory Peck, Dick Clark, Cher and many more. If a band or musician came to town, he met them with a microphone. Barry has collected remarkable recordings of these encounters which he’s now sharing with the public. SUBSCRIBE! Apple Podcasts | Spotify | YouTube | TuneIn | Google Podcasts | Pocketcasts | RSS

Bob Barry’s Unearthed Interviews Podcast: Dave Dudley

The man on today’s podcast is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. He’s from Wisconsin and his hit record was first played by rock and roll station WRIT in Milwaukee. Truck drivers loved him. He’s remembered for his hit “Six Days on the Road” and for “Two Six Packs Away” and “Truck Drivin’ Son-of-a-Gun.” Dave was born in Spencer, Wisconsin. He wanted to be a professional baseball player but after an arm injury he decided to pursue a music career. Besides selling over a million copies of his hit record, he recorded 70 albums. If you were a radio listener in the 60s, I’m quite sure that you’ll remember his hit song. And I believe you’ll recall the commercial bit going into the interview.

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