Bob Barry

barryA legendary rock-n-roll disc jockey, Barry enjoyed a near 30-year career on Milwaukee’s radio dial at WOKY-AM, WEMP-AM, WISN-AM and WZTR-FM. During the mid-1960’s when the Beatles dominated rock-n-roll and he was the dominant rock-n-roll DJ in Milwaukee at WOKY, he became known as “Beatle Bob” after he was featured prominently with the Beatles during their only appearance in Milwaukee and he introduced them to a star crazed crowd. He began his career at WTKM radio in Hartford in 1957, moved to the Milwaukee radio scene in the 1960’s, enjoying such popularity that at one time he competed against himself, hosing his rock-n-roll show on WOKY and the WITI-TV Evening Movie in the same time periods. He retired from broadcasting in 1992. During his career he received numerous industry awards, chief among them designations from Billboard magazine as Top 40 Air Personality of the Year and International Personality of the Year in 1975.



  1. Bob kept me rockin as a teen! Never missed his show. Always had a tiny AM transistor radio with me. Great show and a great personality.

  2. Ernie Swanson

    I had the privilege of working with Bob at WZTR in Milwaukee. He was a real professional and was great person to work with. Both Bob and Skip Tayler always treated their co-workers with respect. They had the best morning show in Milwaukee. They were very creative with spontaneous travel giveaways. Bob had a contest which a caller would give a song title and artist to Joel Whitburn. If the song was not played in 1 minute the caller would win $100. These required complicated remotes. I enjoyed setting these remote broadcasts up. He made being in the broadcast engineering business fun. I will never forget him.

  3. Gail Koester

    I worked with (for) Bob at WOKY, he was the best Dj on top 40 radio, a real professional. Jim Brown acted like he was hung over while doing his morning show…explained the liquid lunches at the Ennex bar kiddy corner from the station. Bob would join in occasionally, but when he did, he usually didn’t stay too long. There were appearance to book!
    He was respectful, a rare thing at a radio station in the early seventies. He took time with me one morning to help me write an ad with the ad guy then record my voice to read copy, I wasn’t good so he was very patient with me. Gave me a great gift, the feeling of self worth. God bless him.

  4. Lynn (Haines) Smith

    Some of my very first memories are of hearing my dad talk about Bob Barry. My dad is David (Bruce) Haines. Bob’s impact on my father’s radio career is quite evident, and if he’s reading this, thank you for all you did for him & for us.

    With Gratitude,
    Lynn (Haines) Smith

  5. Judy Pawlak

    He was the DJ at our wedding too, besudes my growing up with him on WOKY 920

  6. dave apple

    The reason I had the desire to work top 40 radio!! A true blue Hall Of Fame Broadcast Legend!!

  7. Michael "Chico" La Barbera

    Bob Barry! Wow! Conjures up the 60’s, garage bands and dances. Thank you “Beatle Bob” for your adept, disc jockey flavor. Transistor radios, Beatle boots and vinyl!

  8. Joanne Gallagher

    Remember Bob Barry well from his days at WOKY and WZTR as I live in Milwaukee until 2006. I remember Bob introducing the DC5 at their Milwaukee shows including the infamous Devine’s Ballroom show 6/7/1964. He did wonderful interviews with the 5 as well as many other artists when they appeared in Milwaukee, including the Beatles.

  9. Remember Bob Barry from his days at WOKY & WZTR. He was my favorite on air personality. I remember him hosting the DC5 shows including the infamous show at Devine’s Million Dollar Ballroom. Yes, the crowd was as bad as it looked if not worse than it appeared on the photos. He did wonderful interviews with many of the groups when they appeared in concert in our city. Bob appeared at other venues . I ran into him art a record collectors show at Serb Hall in the early 90’s. He was very friendly and chatted freely with us. Anyone who was in Milwaukee in the 60’s know his name.

  10. Dave Wedeward

    How can get a copy of the “Go Get ‘Em, Braves” radio broadcast album that Bob put on CD? Please respond to

  11. Slightly off topic, but does anybody remember an interview either 1960’s or 1970’s which included bubblegum music responses to questions? Would like to find that musical interview.

  12. Jules Cohn

    I have an original picture of Bob Barry
    With the Beatles and ITS signed.Cant figure who signed the picture.I live in Chicago will have to visit your hall of fame in Madison.I am Julian Cohn

  13. Thomas R. Marlier

    My twin brother and I, together with 2 other guys from our parish, on occasion would drive out to Hartford when Bob was starting out on the late night show. Usually got a mention on the way home.
    He WAS GREAT as a person and a disc jockey.
    The only thing I remember he could not do was hit a baseball to right field. He was a born lefty but my dad taught him to bat right handed.
    Bob helped me out many times when I was arranging CYO dances. The teenagers came in droves.
    Thanks to a wonderful person.

  14. WOKY The Mighty 92! Bob Barry, WE LOVE YOU!!!

  15. Pam Braatz

    Years ago I wrote to woky asking for a photo of Bob Barry with the Beatles. I still have that picture up in my house.

  16. greg hays

    i remember when i was listening to woky 920 am and wztr fm, he was milwaukee’s answer to dick clark

  17. I listen every morning while getting ready for school I will never forget his call to the phone booth downtown I left 2 months later for the military came home called him 1 morning and asked about what ever happened. We had a 3 minute conversation about it and he later that week revisited that call as they stayed in touch. Fabulous Guy

  18. Joel Flint

    I loved his warm on-air personality and calls to interesting people doing unusual things. So happy to have hose memories. As I recall, one of his promos during the show on WOKY went something like this:

    Bob Barry (bub bub)
    The funny DJ (bub bub bub bub bub bah)
    Shoves the jokes (bub bub)
    Right down the drain (bub bub bub bub bub bub baaa)

  19. Deborah Zivko

    When the music bands came on the station. Bob Barry was the man to know. Bob became a host with new ideas.

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