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Bob Barry’s Unearthed Interviews Podcast: Watergate

It will be 50 years, June 17, that the Watergate break-in occurred. Bernard Barker was a Watergate burglar and also worked with the CIA in the plot to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Barker was born in Havana and became a U.S. citizen in 1935. In 1961, he joined the Bay of Pigs invasion. In 1972, Barker was one of the five burglars paid by the committee to re-elect President Nixon. Along with the other burglars, including G. Gordon Liddy, Barker was charged with and pleaded guilty to wiretapping, planting surveillance equipment, and theft of documents. He served one year of a six-year sentence. Barker was portrayed in the film “All the President’s Men” by Henry Calvert. G. Gordon Liddy organized the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate building. Liddy was convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and illegal wiretapping. He spent four and a half years in prison. He later became a syndicated radio talk show host. He was also the author of several books.

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