Bob Heiss


Bob Heiss started his announcing career at WTMJ in 1934 after being selected from over 800 applicants in a public audition. He did just about any type of on-air radio and television work and was a station manager for the last 10 years of his 32 year career at WTMJ.

Heiss’ interview programs included the 1930s Around The Town radio remote broadcasts, sports programs, and the early 1950s Man Next Door daily TV program. A notable interview was when wrestler Vern Gagne demonstrated a sleeper hold and Heiss passed out on live TV. For many years Heiss was the play-by-play radio announcer for Wisconsin football and basketball and he was the Green Bay Packers radio broadcaster in the late 1940s. Early TV announcing duties included live wrestling broadcasts. In the 1940s, Heiss was the host of The Grenadiers, a daily program featuring the Grenadiers band, all sorts of radio hijinks, and a live audience in WTMJ’s Radio City auditorium studio.



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Content courtesy Bob Lazar, grandson of Bob Heiss.


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  1. Joann Downing

    It Brings back many memories of my childhood reading about Bob Heiss. When I was five years old I was on the show and sang a song. It was Zippidy Doo Da. I would give anything to share that moment with my children.

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