Hank Stoddard



  1. Lisa Stothard-Bernhardt says:

    Hank Stoddard is definitely one of the best sportscasters ever. I may be somewhat biased since he moonlights as my father as well. He has always loved his job and was passionate about reporting honestly and intelligently. He wrote all of his own copy and was never interested in just being a “talking head” in the industry. Still to this day he watches every game or match as a pro “covering” it. All sports, the athletes, the coaches, and the human interest stories behind them still grab the attention of my favorite broadcaster.

  2. Carolyn Hendricks Briwn says:

    Okay Lisa I am not biased and yes he was one of the best. Hope he and all your family are doing well

  3. Katie Konet says:

    I used to work at WTMJ back in the 70s. So I knew Hank. He was the best back then.

  4. Jeff Grayson says:

    Yes! He was the best when I grew up. I met him through my dad on a station tour when I was a second-grader, and I knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a sportscaster–and I did. He was unflappable on the air and combined credibility with personality. He was great!

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