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  • Willie Davis

    Willie Davis

    His broadcast career spanned over 30 years, following a 12-year National Football League Hall of Fame career with the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers and coinciding with a 27-year stint in the beer and wine distribution business. His early exposure to broadcasting was as a color commentator on NFL […]

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  • Terry Havel

    Terry Havel

    As a teacher of English, Drama and Broadcasting at small high schools first in New Salem and then Burlington, Wisconsin, he may have had the most lasting impact of any broadcast educator in Wisconsin history. During that same time he practiced as he taught, as a disk jockey and air […]

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  • Jonathan Little

    Jonathan Little

    He began his broadcasting career in 1962 at WLHA-FM, the student radio station of University of Wisconsin-Madison, spinning records on a weekly jazz music show. His professional career began at WSPT, Stevens Point in 1963, and then followed disc jockey/program director stints at WISM, Madison, WDUZ, Green Bay, and a […]

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  • Mike McCormick

    Mike McCormick

    Devotion to “The News” was the thread that ran through his 31-year television broadcasting management career. He served at KPLR-TV, St. Louis, from 1962-70, and as Vice President and General Manager oversaw the station’s transition from black and white to color delivery and established its first news operation. He served […]

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