Charles Dickoff

dickoffHis 40-career began with a 21 year stint with what became the Mid-West Family group of stations for whom he put WBEV, Beaver Dam, on the air in 1951. He later acquired WEAQ-WIAL, Eau Claire, managing them for 30 years. Keenly aware of the public affairs responsibilities of broadcasters, he wrote and delivered over 7,000 editorials on issues of public concern. He served as Vice-Chairman of the NAB Radio Board in 1973-75 and was President of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association in 1980.

Charles Dickoff passed away on August 25, 1991.


  1. Mark Larson

    I worked for CRD for many years, and always felt I was working for a legend.

  2. Jim Strauss

    CRD influenced so many careers, including mine. He challenged his employees to make decisions and take risks, allowing them to grow. I learned lessons from CRD that I still apply today.

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