Clif Groth

Clif Groth’s engineering expertise has touched countless radio stations throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. For 60 years, he has dedicated himself to building and rebuilding radio studios and towers and establishing a reputation as a dependable, dedicated, and well-respected broadcast engineer.

Clif showed an interest in broadcasting at an early age and took his first engineering job in 1958 at WTTN in Watertown before he graduated from high school. In 1965 he started his own contract engineering business named Broadcast Electronic Service, which was later sold to Goetz Broadcasting. He was instrumental in the development of the Goetz Farm Radio Network and the statewide network for Marathon Sports.

Clif served numerous employers during his career while constantly demonstrating his commitment to the broader industry. Clif served on the WBA Broadcasters Clinic Committee for 20 years and has been an SBE member for 40 years. He is recognized for keeping himself relevant through constant training throughout his career. As a member of the engineering community, Clif has always been quick to loan services or equipment to help an engineer, even if it’s a competitor. His peers say he’s “always there.”


  1. I am truly happy to see Clif honored in this way, he certainly deserves it!

  2. AJ Abunuwar

    I am the proud grandson of a wonderful man and an amazing family. This was amazing to see my grandfather honored and presented with such an amazing award

  3. David Goetz

    Congratulations. My father, Nathan Goetz, is smiling about his engineering buddy joining him in the “Hall of Fame.”

  4. Lee Lansinger

    I just learned of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame today and I could not believe that the first thing I see on your web site is some one I knew.
    I knew Clif many many years ago when he would take time away from working on all the “real” radio stations and helped us out at the little station WSUW
    at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. I have always thought of Clif when ever I hear “Mule Skinner Blues”.

  5. Brian Tarro

    I can now appreciate why your wife is so proud of you. Brian J Tarro, Pat’s 1960 HS classmate.

  6. Rob Anderson

    I learned a LOT from Clif. Who else would teach an Announcer how to Azimuth align the heads per what *I* heard sounded best. Thanks, Clif! You are now within your rightful place among LaVern Falk & Nathan iGoetz in now being a member of the the H O F. Congratulations!

  7. Chuck Bloxham

    Seems like yesterday, you were working on our stations in Decorah and Waukon .
    Enjoyed all our visits about transmitters and the such!
    Thanks Cliff,

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