David L. Nelson

David L. Nelson (1921-2017) was a well-respected leader whose dedication led to a long and influential career in broadcasting.

From 1953-1962 David was employed by both the Green Bay Newspaper Company and Post Corporation of Appleton where he served as CFO and as a director of both corporations. When the companies parted in 1962, David devoted his interests solely to Post Corporation. There he served as a director and COO and CFO until 1984 when the corporation was sold. David was executive vice president and COO when the firm was sold.

In 1984 David purchased radio stations in Eau Claire and subsequently purchased radio stations in Missouri, Iowa, and North Dakota. He also bought television stations in Green Bay, Eau Claire; Marquette, Michigan; and Rochester, New York.

David never retired. He had ownership in Holiday Travel Service of Eau Claire and Winnebago Color Press in Menasha. He served as an officer and director of these firms until his death.

David is described as a strong, tough, and caring leader. He had high standards, wouldn’t take shortcuts, and had a loyal group of people who worked for him.

His dedication to his community culminated in a $100 million gift from his estate to Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.


  1. Marty Green


  2. Dave Hutchison

    Dave was the best boss a person could have…

    …just tell him the truth, no matter what the bottom line was for the month!

    He taught me how to be a fair, confident and successful newspaperman…of course, always with an eye to the bottom line!

    Regarding calling him Dave or David, the first time I met with him I referred to him as “David.” He immediately corrected me and said, “The only person who calls me David is my wife!”

    He was an amazing guy. I was so fortunate to have him as a boss, even though my grand idea to surround Milwaukee with free weeklies didn’t work out as I had intended. A much belated thank you, Dave, for your understanding and encouagement. You were a great teacher and business friend!

    His gift of $100 million to the city of Appleton has been the best kept secret ever…

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