Jean Gitz Bassett

bassettJean Gitz Bassett was one of the first women broadcast station owners/managers in the nation when she became part of a partnership that purchased WLCX-AM, La Crosse, in 1957. In all, her broadcast career spanned over a 28 year period, beginning in 1955 at KRDO-AM, Colorado Springs and KOIA-AM, Des Moines. In addition to her ownership role, at WLCX-AM, from 1957 to 1983, she also served as the station’s program director for 20 years and then as its President and CEO from 1977 to 1983. Gitz Bassett was deeply involved in the La Crosse community, serving on a long and varied list of business, community development and church organizations. She served as a member of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Board of Directors and was elected as our WBA Secretary from 1979-1983.

Jean Gitz Bassett passed away on August 6, 2018.


  1. Love this video! Jean thanks for being such a great leader for your staff and the community!

  2. Jeanne Weiland

    Disappointed to NOT see Jeanne Donald among your lauded broadcasters. She was a station owner nearly a decade before Jean Bassett, who you describe as one of the first women broadcast station owners/managers in the nation (as a partnership member). Jeanne Parrette Heal Donald was a remarkable little lady who was a genuine asset to the Shawano area, originated WTCH AM and FM stations, and quietly did an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes support and work in the community. How sad that her employee, Norm Habeck, is mentioned but not this unusually generous and forward-thinking woman.

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