Terrence Baun, CPBE

baunHis 35-plus year broadcast engineering career began in 1967 at Milwaukee’s classical music station, WFMR-FM. After 10 years, he began a series of moves into corporate engineering, while also forming his own consulting firm, Criterion Broadcast Services, in Milwaukee. Through the years he worked for Sudbrink Broadcasting, Multimedia Broadcasting and Cumulus Broadcasting. He was very active in the Society of Broadcast Engineers, first in the Milwaukee chapter and then nationally. He served on the National SBE Board of Directors from 1987-89, on its Executive Committee in the mid-1990’s and as the SBE National President from 1995-97. Baun was one of the original members of the WBA Summer Engineering Steering Committee and was one of the architects of WBA’s Alternative Broadcast Station Inspection Program, serving as WBA’s Chief Inspector for over 10 years beginning with the program’s inauguration in 1995.

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  1. David Dehner

    Terry, with his signature pipe, hired me to work full time at WFMR after I’d been calling the station throughout my teenage years. I not only had a capable knowledge of classical music and performers, but also an articulate and notable speaking voice, which has kept me in good standing to this day. I would be eternally grateful to reconnect with him after ALL these years!

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