Thom Gerretsen

The respected journalism practiced by Thom Gerretsen touched millions of lives during his long career covering news and sports in Wisconsin. His writing and his voice were on the air in every market across the state.

Thom started his career in 1974 at WCLO-AM and WJVL-FM in Janesville. In 1975 he was named news director at WPDR-AM and WDDC-FM in Portage. He joined Goetz Broadcasting in Marshfield in 1978 where he served as assistant news director before being named news director in 1986. He contributed to networks that delivered news and sports content to many of the top radio stations in Wisconsin. He interviewed presidents and sports legends and covered many Wisconsin sports teams, including the Green Bay Packers.

Thom’s philosophy was to “provide more local news to the community than any other station in the surrounding markets.” His stations were known for having the story first. News directors from around the state called Thom “the best in the business.”

Thom joined Wheeler News Service in 2002 as chief editor where he wrote dozens of news stories each day that were distributed statewide.

 Thom’s high-caliber journalism skills, suburb writing style, and reputation for accuracy earned him the trust of his listeners and the respect of peers throughout Wisconsin.

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    Great tribute!

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