Tommy Lee Bychinski

Bychinski“Mr. Radio” in Reedsburg, Tommy Lee had a 44-year career in radio built on a strong foundation of community service and involvement. After attending Brown Institute, he began his career in 1964 at WIGM radio in Medford and after 2 years began his 33-year run with Goetz Broadcasting. For Goetz he served in Marshfield at WDLB as a sports announcer and air personality from 1966-72 and then moved to their stations in Reedsburg, WRDB/WNFM, as an account executive. In 1979 he became Station Manager and led the stations, even after Goetz Broadcasting was disbanded, until his retirement in 2008. Throughout his career he dedicated himself to community service and industry service. He served the Chamber of Commerce, local school district, the city council, the county board, the volunteer fire department, his church and the Knights of Columbus, all in the Reedsburg area. He served 8 years on the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Board of Directors and was Chairman of the WBA Board in 1999.
He was “Mr. Radio” in Reedsburg for over 25 years!

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  1. Barb Wells

    Bravo Tommy. I’ll never forget the joy of preparing your winning nomination to WBA Hall of Fame. Gathering recommendations from your family, friends and collegues – adding pictures, news articles and so much more to create a nomination presentation like WBA had never seen. It was an honor to work with you and to witness your induction into WBA Hall of Fame!

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