Jonathan Little

Jonathan-LittleHe began his broadcasting career in 1962 at WLHA-FM, the student radio station of University of Wisconsin-Madison, spinning records on a weekly jazz music show. His professional career began at WSPT, Stevens Point in 1963, and then followed disc jockey/program director stints at WISM, Madison, WDUZ, Green Bay, and a ten-year run at WTSO/WZEE, Madison. Staying in Madison, he moved into general management, putting WMMM-FM on the air in 1991, and then at WOLX-FM from1995-1997. In 1998, he moved on to Troy Research, a radio, television and motion picture market research firm. Throughout his broadcast career, he was dedicated to the music of his times, especially that of aspiring local musical artists and groups, whose recordings he frequently included in his play lists, regardless of the formats with which he worked. He was honored with the Gavin Report’s Program Director of the Year award in 1987 and 1988; Billboard Magazine’s Operations Manager of the Year in 1988; WAMI’s Music Person of the Year Award in 2001, and the Madison Area Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.


  1. Joe Kocvara

    Congratulations, this is very greatly deserved. I used to listen to that golden voice way back when and I still love to hear Jonathan on my replays of “Rhythm and Booms” recording. Top of the class!!!

  2. Steve Kelley

    An awesome broadcaster. He taught me how radio was suppose to be done. One of the greatest human beings that I’ve ever known.

  3. Frank E. Parcells, Ph. D.

    A wonderful broadcaster as a disk jockey, music director, program director, operations manager, and general manager. I worked with him in Madison at WISM and reviewed WTSO/WZEE in 1989 on an NAB grant to research the operations of the stations.

  4. I worked in the newsroom at WISM as Nick O’Neill and did late afternoon news late sixties and early seventies . John would work in the next studio and I could watch him work his magic on air as I wrote news for the next time slot. His delivery was impeccable and his witty commentary on music and artists on the money. Always the entertainer.

  5. Alan Fraser (Alan Davis)

    May the 4th be with you Doctor Jonathan. Congrats to that guy who tucked his little tiny records into their little tiny beds at the end of his air shift. He never hired me, but I hired him for my wedding. That’s a switch! if you still remember how to typo. 🙂

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