Tom Bolger

bolgerA broadcast leader whose career with Wisconsin based Forward Communications Corporations, parent of six television and ten radio stations, spanned 30 years. He was President and General Manager of WMTV, Madison, 1963-1980, Forward’s Chief Operating Officer, 1980-84 and Chief Executive, 1984-85. He was Joint Board Chairman of National Association of Broadcasters in 1979-81 and President of Wisconsin Broadcasters Association in 1983-84.


  1. Howard Clyman

    Under the leadership of Tom I was chief photographer that helped take the station from the black and white days to living color. Appreciate the opportunity.

  2. John F Scrivner

    Worked at Wmtv for 15 years from 1970 to 1985. Sold “time”. It was a unique and wonderful time. He was great to work for. It was a differrent arena than as he tells a little of the times. Hope all is well with him. No one believes any of the stories about those time. No cable. Thanks mr. Bolger.

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