Wayne Larrivee

As the “Voice of the Green Bay Packers,” Wayne Larrivee’s voice is synonymous with the Green and Gold for Packers fans across the country. Wayne completed more than 20 seasons calling play-by-play for the Packers as part of his more than 40-year career as a broadcaster in the NFL.

Wayne began his radio career in 1975 at KGRO Radio in Pampa, Texas. From there he moved to KSTT radio in Davenport, Iowa where he announced University of Iowa football games, minor league baseball, and high school basketball. Wayne got his big break in the NFL as the “Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs” from 1978 to 1984. He called the plays for the Chicago Bears for 14 seasons and also called games for the Chicago Cubs and college basketball. Nationally, Wayne worked 12 years as a football and basketball play-by-play announcer for Westwood One.

Wayne joined the Green Bay Packers in 1999.  He became known for punctuating a Green Bay Packers winning play with the phrase, “There’s your dagger!” His legendary play calling abilities and commitment to Green Bay has won him the adoration of Packers fans everywhere.

Wayne has numerous awards, including honors from his alma mater, Emerson College, and the Illinois Broadcasters Association.


  1. Donald Longo

    I never had a doubt that Wayne would one day be a broadcaster for the Packers. We grew up together as friends in Lee, Ma and as a young boy, he had aspirations of working for the Packers and talked about it all the time. He even had a small mock-up of Lambeau Field in his bedroom. I am so proud of all his accomplishments as a professional and a friend. Congratulations Wayne on this honor. It is well deserved and a culmination of all your aspirations as a young man.

  2. Sally Fresia-Griffin

    Congratulations, Wayne! Living your childhood dreams! Awesome!

  3. Patricia Dedrick

    So proud of your accomplishments Wayne! My grandson wants to be just like you,it is his dream! He is a straight a student and wants to go to Boston College
    Any suggestions or advice you could give him would be greatly appreciated! He is also from lee high school
    I went to school with u and your sister! I’m Pat Dubysdolls@yahoo.com

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